Thursday, May 31, 2007

Lack of interest

Usually I comment about Channel 4's Big Brother reality Tv show every year.
After watching last nights launch I can only say I have a pure lack of interest this year, the opening ensemble of women entering the house was dire, and why all women? Sure we know males are gonna enter the house at some point, and I'm sure the producers are hoping of a psychology of a few males will definately get the females hormones doing over time, personally I don't think it will work. The viewing demographics are going to be affected, as I imagine that the large majority of viewers are females, and lets face it females want their male eye candy and not a bunch of women bitching, they can get that down the office or factory where they work.
And the contestants/housemates this year, one word - Drivel.
11 female housemates, 7 of which are generic bimbo's, 2 eccentric old ladies, 1 punk resembling a cross between Worzel Gummidge and Albert Steptoe (with the charm of neither) and a normalish Welsh girl...... well normal for Welsh.
Will I be watching this year?
I think not.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Beer Fest!

Following hot on the heels of the Jazz Festival is the 12th Newark Beer Festival this bank holiday weekend. There's lots going on, plenty of bands on the programme and I'm sure again it will be another weekend to savour in Newark!
For more info click HERE

Monday, May 21, 2007

New(ark) Orleans

Here are some photos of this past weekends annual jazz festival in town. There was a real party atmosphere about the place and everywhere seemed really busy. I didn't see many of the acts in truth, perhaps about 4 or 5 over the course of the weekend but I'm not crazy about jazz, though live music is always nice. I had excellent company and really enjoyed the weekend.
The Sunday jazz parade through town, led by a local New Orleans style band

TJ Johnson bandRiver boat cruise leaving town lock


Drinking three or more cups of tea a day is as good for you as drinking plenty of water and may even have extra health benefits, say researchers.
Yay! I'm all for that, I like water but it's so bland, give me several cups of Earl Grey any time, garnised with a side serving of jaffa cakes of course!

read the report here

Friday, May 18, 2007

Newark Jazz Festival

It's the second annual Newark Jazz Festival in town this weekend. Last years was a roaring success and this years festival has attracted big names such as George Melly, Digby Fairweather and TJ Johnson.

There's 50 live acts playing over 25 venues. Now I'm no huge Jazz fan, though I like the slow sax stuff but events like this are great for the town and if it's anything like last year there will be a great atmosphere.
and for more about Newark click here

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Lincoln Revisited

I visited Lincoln last Wednesday with Gary my friend who was over from Hong Kong having a break from work and visiting family. We caught the train from Newark into Lincoln which takes mere 20 mins or so. It was a lovley sunny day as you can see!
Lincoln is a lovely laid back city, some great visuals and lots to see and do, I really must go more often as I keep discovering more about the place each time I go. Climbing 'Steep Hill' with the new hip wasn't easy but I managed to make it with one short rest, it is always worth the trip up there.

Looking down Steep Hill

Cathedral view

Lincoln castle entrance


Gary outside an antique shop, or should he be in it?!

The ascent of steep hill

Back !!!

There’s no excuse, I’ve neglected my blog – for more than a month too. It wasn’t until a friend pointed it out to me I realised how long I’ve let things slide. I could chime on about recovering from my operation, and that is partly true but the real truth is until the last couple of weeks I haven’t really been up to that much. Not only that, I’ve not really had the inclination to sit down and type – so I guess it’s been a time out of sorts, though I do regret missing so many weeks from my blog.

The good news is I’m recovering well, faster than expected, according to the specialist I’m a record breaker as I was the quickest patient he’s ever known to be back on his feet and leave hospital after a hip replacement, there’s hobbit stamina for you! The last few weeks haven’t been a breeze, pain killers coupled with bouts of insomnia haven’t helped but everything seems to be coming back together now, the crutches and sticks are gone, the scar is healing nicely and I feel very upbeat!

It’s good to be back………… did you miss me?