Monday, February 28, 2011

Tv Of The Month

It's not been a great month for tv really, in fact I haven't watched a great deal at all. The lure of my 42" screen tends to happen around tea time whilst preparing or eating food. I've got a back log of dvd's to watch, as well as several recorded programs too. Anyway, on to the titled subject. My favourire program this month has been 'One man and his campervan' which ran on BBC2 for ten days earlier this month. It chartered the culinary road trip of Volkswagon campervan owner Martin Dorey from Devon on his journey around Britain. I'm guessing it was filmed last summer. I loved Martins laid back attitude to life, his appreciation of people and places and very likeable demeanor. To be fair I think I would have preferred more of a travelogue type program as I feel there's too many cooking programs on these days but this was cooking with a difference - from a VW camper with its limitations. I love VW caravettes, probably as my dad had one several years ago, alongside the mini they are probably my favourite motor vehicle and I'd love to own one and explore this lovely isle we love on because lets be honest in our life times how much do we actually see of our own countries?

Second up program wise is (ok you can groan) is Channel 4's 'Coachtrip'. I concede some may say it's irreverent reality tv but I like it. Coach trip has that common touch and is a great idea. Host and tour guide Brendan Sheerin often provides comic interludes and witticism's as seven couples basically compete to stay on the coach trip holiday the longest. There's laughter, skullduggery and tears which provides great early evening light hearted entertainment.

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