Monday, July 05, 2010

Robin Hood's Bay

And so to the last of my sojourn to the north east Yorkshire coast - Robin Hood's Bay. I did have very vague memories of this place from childhood, mainly of it being very steep, it seems on arriving there my memory hadn't let me down!

To put it simply, Robin Hood's Bay is a beautiful little place. A maze of little alleyways and streets festooned with shops and interesting houses, it really is like stepping back in time to the 19th century. It's a place of much history but sadly the the likelihood of the famous Mr Hood going there are probably more folklore than fact.

I asked Gary what was his favourite place of our visit? 'Robin Hood's Bay' he replied with firm conviction. I nodded in agreement. So here are the photos, enjoy them and I urge you to visit this lovely place and take in its rustic charm, magic and beauty.


sousca said...

Good pics, interesting Blog.
I have happy memories of time spent on the Yorkshire coast. From Staiths down to Flamborough, great scenery & interesting places to visit.
There are some decent pubs to be found if willing to get away from the main tourist areas.

Hobbit's Journal said...

Thanks for the comment Rambles, will be sure to check out the pubs next time, is there any you can suggest?

sousca said...

Am afraid I do not recall names of the pubs, but we were exploring villages (and pubs) both sides of the A171.
Some of my favorite Yorkshire pubs are - The Wensleydale Heifer at West Witton, Birch Hall Inn at Beck Hole, very tiny, beautiful countryside, The Craven Arms at Appletreewick. Nellie's at Beverley, East Yorkshire was one of my favorites. It is over 20 years since I last visited the pub, it was run by Nelly and her two sisters and had a great atmosphere. I understand Sam Smiths now own it, but a friend tells me it is still an excellent pub.
It is a shame that many country pubs I frequented in my youth have changed beyond recognition. I remember going into my local during harvest time, between 8 and 9pm the workers would come in straight from the fields in their work clothes for well earned pints. Should they do this now, they would not be allowed in the pub. Only visitors ordering expensive meals are welcome now.